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Long Term Effects of Hard Water and Why You Need to Get a Water Softener Today

You have probably heard about hard water but perhaps you may not know exactly what it is. Hard water is that water that contains more dissolved minerals (magnesium and calcium) in it. Water that contains a higher percentage of these minerals may not be immediately unhealthy to you but can have an unhealthy effect on your quality of life. There are many homes that have suffered the effects of hard water such as clogged pipes, damaged water appliances, and increased energy bills. Fortunately, there is a solution for hard water which is simply installing a water softener in your house.

You can always find the best water softener to install at your home by reading the best water softener reviews. Without much ado, let us now find out about the long term effects of hard water and why you need to get one today!

Long term exposure to hard water may affect the good health of your skin

Hard water is known to cause irritation of the skin. In fact eczema in children is usually linked to hard water. Most people who use hard water to bathe often complain of dry skin. The skin may be characterized by hard and bumpy patches often caused by dryness of the skin. Hard water contains minerals that prevent cleansing products that are used when bathing from properly dissolving in water. This often leads to these products causing irritation and dryness to the skin. Getting good water softening device and installing to your houses’ main water inlet can help alleviate this problem.

Long term effects of hard water on the home

Because hard water contains high levels of minerals, when it circulates through your houses’ piping system, the pipes get clogged. Now, with your pipes clogged with minerals, it means the water appliances connected run less efficiently. This is something that leads to increased power bills and shortening of their durability. Worse still, is that hard water often causes unsightly and stained surfaces of ceramics used in sinks and bathtubs. The best thing to do to avoid such these effects is to have a quality water softener installed at your house.

General long term effects of hard water on health

If you thought that hard water will just have minimal health effects on you, then you need to think twice. The international journal of preventative medicine, reports that long term exposure to hard water has got many ill effects on the health people who drink it. The high levels of both calcium and magnesium can affect key organs in the body and result in health complications.

There is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in people who drink hard water that contains a high density of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. There are also various other international health studies that link prolonged drinking of hard water high blood pressure and heart disease. Now with all these possible risks involved with prolonged use of hard water as drinking water, it only makes sense to install a water softener in your house.

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5 Best Benefits of Having A Water Softener

If you have ever tried drinking hard water, then you know how serious a problem it can be.

Shockingly, over 80 percent of American homes depend on hard water supply according to statistics by the Virginia Cooperative Extension. Even though hard water is widely used for domestic purposes, it may cause a variety of hazards due to the excess minerals and metals it contains such as calcium and iron.

Therefore, it is important to remove or dilute the mineral concentration by using your favourite water softener. Below are five key benefits of having a water softener,

Protects kitchen utensils

Firstly, water softeners protect kitchen utensils from potential hard water damage. For instance, minerals such as magnesium and calcium may stain the interior of kettles and pots when boiling hard water. This gives the utensils a dirty look and gives food an odd taste due to contaminations. Additionally, because of regular washing, kitchen utensils may develop etching and soap film which gives them a permanent dullness. Therefore, using an anti-scale softener helps to eliminate such effects.

Faster Water Heating

Softened water reaches boiling point faster than hard water. Therefore, water heaters heat softened water faster than they do hard water. The benefits of boiling water quickly are almost palpable. You get to use little energy which translates to lower utility bills. Moreover, softening water improves the efficiency of electric water heaters and gas-powered units by 25 percent and 30 percent respectively. Therefore, having a water softener saves you both energy and time.

Preserves Skin, Keeping it Smooth and Well Nourished

During washing or even when taking a bath, the minerals in hard water mix with anions found in soap creating a soap scum on the body, which is unhealthy for your skin. The dangerous combination of clogs skin pores resulting in skin problems such as eczema, acne and dry, itchy skin. According to an eczema study, children who used softened water for bathing reported less itchy skin as opposed to those who used hard water. Thus, water softeners are essential in removing the extra minerals that may harm your skin

Reduced pipe and faucet damage

Hard water clogs pipes and faucets by leaving scaly deposits in their inside surface. Shower heads and valves can become clogged and may be difficult to use in these conditions. As a result, your plumbing system may need regular maintenance to eliminate the residue and keep the system up and running. Thus, a water softener will help to reduce mineral, and pipes will remain unharmed.

Decreases the need for more soap and shampoo.

The effects of hard water on the body are devastating. A combination of hard water and soap may leave your hair dull and flat. As such, you may feel the need to use additional shampoo to give it the extra shine. Furthermore. The scum produced by hard water makes people use much soap to remove the film. As such, it is evident that soft water produces cleaner results to skin and hair as well as uses lesser soap for cleaning.

In conclusion, there are many reasons to have a water softener at home mainly for healthy skin, longer utensil lifespan, better plumbing system, energy efficiency and for other economic purposes.

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